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Standard DRIVER

Executive drivers with specialized driver training make the difference!

De Leeuwe Chauffeur Services only works with trained executive drivers.

The vehicle becomes an extension of your office. Your travel movements become smooth, safe and comfortable, so that you have your full attention available for your work.

The quality of our services is guaranteed. In addition to the recognized driver training, all drivers have followed additional training and courses such as first aid and emergency response, including the application of AED. The skills are repeated annually.

De Leeuwe Chauffeur Services is active in both the public and private domain. They know better than anyone that integrity is a core value within the corporate culture.

Thanks for the enjoyable ride, Lesley. And for being able to look to the side for the first time. Beautiful gift!

- Jelle
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Representative & Integer

All executive drivers of De Leeuwe Chauffeur Services are representative. They wear a two-piece tailor-made suit and look well-groomed. They handle confidential information discreetly. The use of permanent executive drivers is therefor important. All our executive drivers speak both the Dutch and English language. An extensive screening is part of our application process. A confidentiality agreement is also signed.

Knowledge is power

De Leeuwe Chauffeur Services invests in its executive drivers in terms of driving skills and general safety. If you have the right knowledge, you will be able to act appropriately when the situation requires it. Our executive drivers are proactive and confident.
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